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Frank Castanho

August 2020 APSIG Show and Tell Image of the Month

August 2020 APSIG Show and Tell Image of the Month
Milky-way Core--- Imager: John Willis

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!!!!!!! Until further notice all meetings at the Timberglen Library are being moved to a virtual meeting on Zoom !!!!!!!!!

Our meetings are normally held at the Timberglen Branch Library in North Dallas on Midway just North of Frankford.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Solar Viewing at next APSIG Meeting!

Jeff Barton has agreed to organize a Solar Viewing event before the next APSIG meeting on Sept. 6 at the Timberglen Library. The viewing will begin around 1:00.

So come on out and see what the sun is up to (as hot as it's been, you KNOW it's up to something).

This event (and the following APSIG meeting) are both open to the public. Thanks to Jeff for organizing this!

(solar image by Bret Dahl)

Monday, August 3, 2009

August Meeting Highlights

For our first "real" meeting, we had a nice crowd of 18 folks who came to hear about imaging with a webcam and DSLR.

Bret Dahl did a great job presenting an overview of planetary imaging using a simple webcam to achieve outstanding images. He also showed-off his homemade cooler for his SCT -- reducing OTA cool down to about 20 minutes (instead of 2 hours)!

JOhn Davis discussed imaging with a DSLR and normal camera lenses using light, portable gear. He showed imaging examples using both with fixed tripods and simple tracking mounts. He also gave a brief demonstration of his AstroTrac rig.

Next, members David Pearson, Phil Jones, and JOhn showed some recent images and discussed their experiences.

Afterwards, a small contingent gathered at the local Mi Cocina for refreshing beverages -- bueno!

(special thanks to Andy Cheng for the photos)