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August 2020 APSIG Show and Tell Image of the Month

August 2020 APSIG Show and Tell Image of the Month
Milky-way Core--- Imager: John Willis

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!!!!!!! Until further notice all meetings at the Timberglen Library are being moved to a virtual meeting on Zoom !!!!!!!!!

Our meetings are normally held at the Timberglen Branch Library in North Dallas on Midway just North of Frankford.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 2012 Meeting

Our March 2012 meeting "focused" on a continuing challenge for all imagers...getting great focus!

We covered both the mechanics and optics of focusing as well as attempted a live focusing demo with an artificial star (despite the fact we couldn't turn the room lights off!)

JOhn Davis gave a great presentation on automated focusing using FocusMax.

Also, we had some great images shared by APSIG members.

You can find a link to the meeting presentation here

Some of the focusing videos are included below.

Bahtinov Focus Mask


Saturday, March 31, 2012

February 2012 Meeting

The March 2012 meeting of APSIG ventured into new territory with a live videoconference presentation by Nightscape photographer Robert Arn.

Robert gave a great talk on his amazing nightscape techniques, and we gained some insight into how we might continue to bring in 'virtual' speakers in the future.

A good turnout for our long-distance presenter.  View Robert's amazing work at

Robert's presentation can be found here.

We also got the chance to express our thanks to APSIG Chair Emeritus JOhn Davis.  JOhn has spent many hours over the last couple of years establishing this group and creating a fantastic program.  Thanks JOhn!