Meeting Location

Our meetings are currently held at the Timberglen Branch Library in North Dallas on Midway just North of Frankford.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

February 2014 Meeting

Please join us at the Timberglen Library Tuesday, Feb. 4th from 6-8pm for our monthly APSIG meeting.

There were several request for an equipment/hardware show-and-tell theme meeting during our recent discussions. So, lets have that meeting next week. APSIG members are asked to bring one or two pieces of equipment that they find useful and believe that other APSIG members might find useful. We can either take turns describing the equipment and answering questions or do it all in parallel. When you decide the equipment you plan to bring, please post a message on this forum so that other APSIG members will know what they can expect to see.

At the start of the meeting there are a few issues left over from last meeting we might revisit to reach closure on.

Don't forget to bring your raw image data to pass to Dave Raphael for the image data quality analysis presentation.

Don't forget your images for show-n-tell!

I plan to arrive a little early and attempt to calibrate the projector. Anyone interested in helping with this activity is welcome.

See you there!