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Frank Castanho

August 2020 APSIG Show and Tell Image of the Month

August 2020 APSIG Show and Tell Image of the Month
Milky-way Core--- Imager: John Willis

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!!!!!!! Until further notice all meetings at the Timberglen Library are being moved to a virtual meeting on Zoom !!!!!!!!!

Our meetings are normally held at the Timberglen Branch Library in North Dallas on Midway just North of Frankford.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

March APSIG Meeting

Hey APSIG gang!

Please join us at the Timberglen Library Tuesday, March 4th from 6-8pm for our monthly APSIG meeting.

This month Frank Castanho will be our speaker. Below is his description of topics he plans to cover.

CCDStack is a program designed specifically for image calibration ,

It has some nice features like
Data Rejection
DDP - Digital Development Processing,
Automatic Image Registration

Data rejection features are useful for removing star blooms ,satellite trails, hot and cold pixels etc , it lets you keep frames that would normally be discarded.

DDP is useful for evaluating the image content by automatically doing automatic curves or dynamic range compression, useful for evaluating images before fully processed

De-convolution is useful for sharpening image features and reducing star size.

I plan on giving a brief power point presentation, followed by a demo of processing an image in CCDStack, and if time is available showing some video excepts from Adam Blocks CCDStack tutorial

Don't forget to bring your raw image data to pass to Dave Raphael for the image data quality analysis presentation.

Don't forget your images for show-n-tell!

I will be out of town for this meeting and David Pearson will coordinate the meeting.

March 4th. is voting day. There will be voting at the Library. I have contacted the Library an they have said that the voting will take place in the classroom across the hall from where our meeting normally takes place. Our meeting location is unchanged.