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Our meetings are currently held at the Timberglen Branch Library in North Dallas on Midway just North of Frankford.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

TAS Astrophotography Exhibit at the Dallas Public Library

TAS will present and imaging and sketching exhibit at the Dallas Public Library during the month of March, 2017. I (George Hall) have volunteered to coordinate the activities supporting this exhibit. A goal of this exhibit is that all TAS imagers and astronomical sketchers who want to participate in the Exhibit are able to do so. Any TAS imager, regardless of level of experience, is invited participate.  The exhibit area at the Library is the Lillian Bradshaw Gallery. This gallery is large and easily able to accommodate thirty or more 16x20 prints with liberal spacing and supporting documentation. Here is a link to the description of the Lillian Bradshaw Gallery.

TAS imagers who have images that they would like to be included in the exhibit are invited to respond with a message to the TAS website Astrophotography forum (Library Exhibit Thread) with a description of the image, including image format (digital file, drawing, film, printed image, etc.).  Our current thinking is that we need to have all of the images and imagers identified by the end of January in order to complete the preparations for the Exhibit starting in March.

For images in a digital file format we hope to identify an approach to printing and presentation that will be as consistent as possible (print size and framing or mounting).  Our objective is to keep the cost for printing an presentation to a minimum (under $30 per image).  Each imager is expected to bear the cost of preparation of the image for display in the exhibit.

For images that are already printed in a size and quality appropriate for an exhibit of this type, we welcome their inclusion in the exhibit.

We will have to develop a plan for the exhibit of film and sketch material. The Library has glass display cases that may be appropriate for some material.

Each image in the Exhibit will need to be accompanied by a description of the object, the acquisition equipment/technique, and identification of the imager. We will develop a format for this writeup to assure that they are all consistent.

Imagers/sketchers who are considering participating are invited to attend the next APSIG meet where we will discuss plans for the Exhibit and the need for additional volunteers to assist with image preparation/printing, exhibit setup/teardown, image description,  etc.  The next APSIG meeting will be December 6th (6-8 PM) at the Timberglen Library on Midway Road.

Rachel Thompson and I visited the Dallas Library to meet with the exhibit space coordinator, Rae Pleasant, and see the exhibit space.  Rae was eager to support our exhibit plans. Below is a panorama photo that I took of the exhibit space during our visit. The panorama photo makes the space appear a little larger than it actually is.

George Hall