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Frank Castanho

August 2020 APSIG Show and Tell Image of the Month

August 2020 APSIG Show and Tell Image of the Month
Milky-way Core--- Imager: John Willis

Meeting Location

!!!!!!! Until further notice all meetings at the Timberglen Library are being moved to a virtual meeting on Zoom !!!!!!!!!

Our meetings are normally held at the Timberglen Branch Library in North Dallas on Midway just North of Frankford.

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

APSIG meeting Tues Sept 1st 6:00 PM

 Hello everyone,

As you are aware due to the COVID-19 virus we will not be able to meet at our usual location, APSIG meeting will be conducted virtually via the Zoom Meeting software, below is a Zoom link to this months Zoom meeting.

This month:

A couple of month’s ago we talked about CMOS vs CCD technology, based on the discussion I left with several things I wanted to research.  CMOS read noise vs gain setting, what impact does gain setting have on read noise and dynamic range, also what impact does software binning vs hardware binning have on data collection. I would like to go over these topics and present what I have found.

As usual bring any questions you want to pose to the group.

Show and Tell : Please don’t forget your Show and Tell images. This month please send me( via Email Or use the Collaboration Data Share) your Show and Tell images to me prior to the meeting, please don’t wait for the last minute.

After the meeting I would like to extend an invite for folks to stay online for a virtual Mi Cocina social meeting, BYOB Margaritas and Mexican Food.

If you are a TAS member and want to join APSIG or Just have questions about APSIG, feel fee to contact me: